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In our web shop you can pay by credit/debit card (VISA and MasterCard) or Invoice from Klarna (Sweden only).

Credit/Debit card Payment is handled by our partner DIBS Payment Services. To ensure fast and secure payment, you will be logged on to DIBS secure servers, where you enter your card number. 
To begin with, the money for your payment will be set aside, and then on the date of delivery, it will be transferred from DIBS to Ljung International AB. 
All transactions are encrypted by PCI-DSS (Payment card Indusrty Security Standard) and are completely safe. For maximum security we also use 3DSecure. 
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Invoicing is only offered to Swedish customers and is made in cooperation with Klarna. When an order is placed using the invoice method Klarna will conduct a credit check. Your invoice will be sent with your package. Payment must be made within 14 days of receiving the invoice. Late payments will be followed with a reminder incurring a cost of 50 SEK plus interest.

Payment through invoice includes an extra fee of 29 SEK. When paying through invoice your shipping address must be your registered address.

When paying with Klarna you can choose to pay by installments. You can divide your payments into monthly installments of up to 24 months. A minimum of 50 SEK per month needs to be paid. A monthly interest fee of 12,79 % applies.


The warranty covers goods that are faulty according to applicable consumer protection legislation. If you wish to make a warranty based return, fill in the back of the paper that you receive with your delivery and put it in the return parcel. Complaints made within two months after your discover the defect are always considered to have been reported in good time.

When we received the goods, and the claim has been approved, we will send your new product. If the product is out of stock, we refund you spent money for the goods including the original cost of shipment. Note that the cost to deliver a package to you is the same regardless of how many items you purchased. Due to this we do dot refund the original shipment fee at a partial return.

Force Majeure

During force majeure the obligations of Ljung International AB are postponed and we have the right to terminate the agreement without any obligation to pay damages in such cases. 
Force majeure means circumstances beyond our control, including war, strikes, illness of personnel, transportation disruptions, import / export bans, whether this occurs in the company or of its suppliers.


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